Vincente "Vince" Sontag was a looter in the Sonaran Desert, and the leader of the faction Vince's Gang. He, along with Dick Stockton and Pearl Silva, were situated to the east of the Survivalist base; the group that could be the death of them.

Outcome 1; Dead: Edit

The Survivalists turn up at Sontag's gates and slaughter the group, Vincent included.

Outcome 2; Alive: Edit

The Survivalists meet the Gang, and communicate well, setting up a friendship and trade routes.

Outcome 3; Alive: Edit

The Survivalists kill Dick and Pearl, and decide to spare Vince and recruit him to their group, much to Vince's reluctance.

Outcome 4; Alive: Edit

The Survivalists coerces Vince and possibly the others to join their group.