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When starting Survivalist, the loading bar gets stuck and Unsupported Version: 249 appears.

Survivalist is trying to load awardments.dat from a later version.

Unsupported Version number may vary.

Switch to the later version (beta) and back.
I get a "No suitable graphics card found" message. This usually means your PC is not capable of running the game - you need at least a DirectX10-capable graphics card as per the system requirements. If you don't have this, you will get an error message saying "No suitable graphics card found - could not find a Direct3D device that supports the XNA HiDef profile". 
When I try to run the game Steam says "running" but nothing happens. Typically it seems to create a process called Survivalist that you can see in Task Manager, but nothing actually happens. Try switching to the publicbeta branch.

Try shutting down the process in Task Manager and running the game again.

The game crashes when I start it. Some people have reported an error message saying "The path is not of a legal form". Try reinstalling Microsoft XNA 4.0.

Try resetting your My Documents path.


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Unsupported 243

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