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Survivalist is a survival open-world RPG game by Bob the Game Development Bot. It is available on Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam (PC). The game is about surviving the zombie apocalypse: fighting off hordes of zombies, and dealing with other survivors. Some survivors have their own towns, and others are especially looking to destroy you and your base. You are tasked with surviving and growing your own community through these tumultuous times. There are many quests to complete as well!

Survivalist 2 is an upcoming sequel in the Survivalist Game Series that will also be created by Bob the Game Development Bot. It's currently in alpha testing before release to early access.

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Co-Op Multiplayer

 Survivalist's Online Co-Op multiplayer mode began development in 2015, and the first Beta test was released in October that year. It was fully released as part of the main branch of Survivalist on the 16th of April 2016. It currently allows up to 4 players to cooperate and survive together. For a list of the changes between versions, view the Version History.

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Green Strain: The most common of all the infected strains. If a survivor is bitten by a Green Strain, they have around an in-game week to find a green antidote before the survivor dies. Green Strain infected possess no special traits.

(First Example: TomCat)

Blue Strain: The slightly rarer strain. If a survivor is bitten by a Blue Strain, they have an in-game day to find a blue antidote before the survivor dies. Blue Strain infected have slightly more health than the Green Strain infected.

(First Example: El Dorado)

Red Strain: Much rarer than both Green and Blue. If a survivor is bitten by a Red Strain, they have a matter of minutes to find a red antidote before the survivor dies. Red Strains have more health than the Green or Blue Strains.

(First Example: Corpse Valley)

White Strain: The 2nd rarest strain. If a survivor is bitten by a White Strain, the survivor has approximately 3-5 seconds to live before they die. With no antigen available, it's essentially the kiss of death for the afflicted survivor. White Strains have far greater health than Red, Blue, or Green strains. It is possible to find some slightly north of Sundance

(First Example: Insulin /Red Sands)


Gray Strain: The rarest of all strains. If a survivor is bitten by a Gray Strain, the survivor presumably gets knocked out, and they are infected with the Gray Strain. The map shows nothing under their names, which helps support the theory of it being the "Living Infected" Strain. Gray Strains has the same health as Green Strain, but there is no antigen for it.

(First Example: Devil's Dulley Gang)

Link to Article page: Infection Strains

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