Stat Bars

Stat bars depicting Hunger, Thirst and Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation is an innate part of each character in Survivalist. Each character needs to sleep to reduce their Sleep Deprivation, resulting them in unable to carry out any other actions during this time.

It is depicted on the character's Inventory screen as a blue-red gradient bar split into 7 sections. Each section represents one in-game day, i.e. a character can survive for 7 in-game days without sleep before they die.

A character's Fatigue begins to be affected after two days without sleep and becomes more apparent the longer they do not rest.

Reducing Sleep Deprivation Edit

When a character enters a building from their own community, they will automatically sleep if they are tired enough (at least 1/2 day sleep deprived). They will otherwise say that they are tired and head to the nearest player community building to go to sleep. If they are at least 2 days sleep-deprived, they may also sleep in random houses that are not part of the character's community.

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