Lawrence Bradshaw is a member of the Highwaymen. Lawrence is one of very few people that can become an expert in every skill. It's highly recommended that you recruit him as soon as possible.

Outcome 1:Alive Edit

The Survivalists recruit Lawrence and his companions to withdraw from the road connecting Fort Kohai to Santa Maddalena.

Outcome 2: Alive/Dead Edit

Lawrence is the only survivor of his gang after the conflict between Survivalist and Highwaymen. He is either spared or killed.

Outcome 3:Dead Edit

Lawrence dies during the conflict between the Survivalist and the Highwaymen.

Trivia Edit

  • Lawrence and Jesse share some kind of kinship because both have the same last name Bradshaw. Although the neural imaging system doesn´t say anything
  • If they really are family, Lawrence is possibly the father of Jesse as Lawrence seems to be older.