The Detective Novel is one of the six types of books in Survivalist.

Books can be useful as gifts, if you want to get into someone's good graces. But make sure you find the right book for the right person!
— In-game Description

Trivia Edit

The novel cover reads: The Tomb of the Cursed Tea-tray by Albert Camus.

When a character reads a Detective Novel, they can read out one of the following passages:

Burger Edit

As I exited the burger joint I saw him again, out of the corner of my eye: the man with the clipped moustache.  Here, in Manhattan.  My instinct had been correct from the start - I was being followed.

Trap Door Edit

I rolled up the rug, shone my torch around the edges of the trap-door and was relieved to find the single hair I'd left still stuck across the crack.  No one had been down there for five years.

Safe Edit

I descended the ladder, walked to the far corner of the basement and pulled up the loose tile.  Underneath it was the safe.  I fumbled my key in the lock a few times and had to pause to get a hold of myself.  Finally, it clicked and I swung the door open.  It was completely empty.

Police Edit

A loudspeaker cut through the stillness, causing me to jump up and bang my head on the low basement ceiling.  'This is the N.Y.P.D.!  We know you're in there, Jacob!'  I stared at the empty safe in disbelief.  'You clever son of a bitch', I muttered.

Walter Edit

Walter pulled up a chair.  'This would go a lot easier,' he said, 'if you'd tell us what you know.'  'You got the wrong guy,' I growled.  'Oh I know that,' he replied, 'but what I don't know is why you broke into my apartment at 4 a.m. last Tuesday.'  I began to laugh.

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