A wooden perimeter fence

Construction is a skill in Survivalist that determines what you can build. A high Construction skill lets you build better defenses for your base.

Increasing this skillEdit

You can increase this skill by equipping a Toolbox and building things. You can also carry D.I.Y. Instruction Manuals that increase the character's Construction Level by 1.

How to build Edit

  1. To build a structure (e.g. fence, barn) first equip the Toolbox either using a shortcut key or through the character inventory.
  2. You will automatically switch to build mode, move your mouse (PC) over to the target build area. Then choose what type of item you want to build (PC: mouse wheel to switch between build options). Default is a wooden fence.
  3. Mouse Left Left click (PC) on where you want to build. The build area will show as a 1x1 square with ropes on stick to indicate the build zone (or more than 1x1 if larger item e.g. gate). By clicking more and your builder will automatically search for and collect the required materials (e.g. wood planks). In order to carry planks they need at least the Bunny Wabbit Backpack. If the item is too big/heavy for them to carry they will tell you.
  4. As long as they are building the builder will automatically continue to build the item unless you cancel the build by opening their inventory and choosing Cancel next to the word Builder. You can also toggle pausing/resuming construction by moving the builder to the construction and choosing that option (left-click, PC)


If building a fence make sure you are placing the build areas in a straight line and a translucent image of the fence connected onto the existing fence will show to indicate that is what it will look like when built. This way you can make sure it will be built correctly. The ground must also be flat to build on.

I recommend building a perimeter fence around your base first. However, wooden fences are vulnerable to fire attacks so try to add a wire fence or other when possible.

Structures by Construction Skill Level Edit

Level 1: Wood Fence, Wood Gate, Wire Fence, Wire Gate

Level 2: Outhouse, Shack

Level 3: Well, WatchTower

Level 4: Pillbox

Level 5: Concrete Tower, Barn

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