The Blue Strain is the second tier of the virus the Survivalists will encounter, and its name comes from the colour of the infected's eyes. They are moderately stronger than green strains, but weaker than the Red Strain. They are

generally first found in Buckeye in the Missing questline or in the El Dorado quest.


Effects Edit

The Blue Strain will infect a human once bitten, and it will attack the host's brain until the victim dies, and the 'reanimation' process occurs after around 24 hours of infection. Symptoms include discolouring of skin, and eventually, death.

History Edit

Once the Green Strain antigen was produced, a mutation took place, and the Blue Strain appeared. The virus ravaged towns and cities, crippling humanity. Eventually, scientists managed to manufacture a Blue Strain antigen, however, by this time, the much deadlier Red Strain had been spotted.

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