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• 9/8/2018
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• 4/28/2018

Discord For this wiki

Can someone set one up for the wiki?
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• 11/27/2017

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• 5/6/2016

Infobox Style Change

Somehow Wikia has changed the default styling of the portable infoboxes. I don't think I like the new styling too much. I'll see what I can do to customise the CSS for the infoboxes.
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• 12/31/2015

Naming of Quests

Bob has given me an XML file which lists nearly all the text shown in the game, including Dialog, Survivor Names, Community Names, Item Names etc.
In the XML file, Quests are sorted as "Quest Groups", with the little tasks being called "Quests". Right now there are Quest groups that have conflicting names with other things, examples: Alice Ivers, Sienna.
These would require separate pages called:
Alice Ivers (quest group) and Sienna (quest group).
Thing is, is this naming suitable? Or would calling the group of tasks a single quest be better, resulting instead with Alice Ivers (quest) and Sienna (quest)?
Really the question is: What does a quest mean, on this Wiki?
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• 12/23/2015

Homemade Insulin?

So I just got the "A Series of Temporary Measures Strung Together" award. Is that it? I've heard that you can make homemade Insulin. I'm wondering how do I make it or find out how to make it.
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• 12/23/2015

Upcoming Changes (requiring Admin permissions)

Hi everyone,
I just want to make it clear what changes are planned at the moment once I adopt the Wiki and gain admin permissions.
The two biggest complaints that I hear that we cannot change at the moment are:
1. The Wiki theme (White text on green, tiled game cover image)
2. The Wiki name, and URL.
Within 24 hours of becoming admin, I intend to push forward these changes. They are not set in stone however, I would like some feedback on these.
Changing the Wiki Theme to one of Yellow, Orange, Grey and a bit of Red.
I already had this theme available as a temporary fix, and listed this on the main page, but if you don't want to mess around with copying lines of CSS, you can view what the theme will look like at a test Wikia I made. Proposed Wiki Theme
Requesting for a Wiki Name and URL Change
I am proposing to change the Wiki URL to
The Wiki name will be changed to Survivalist Wiki. I originally considered Survivalist Game Wiki, but I'll let the URL be the distinction between Survivalist (a way of life) and Survivalist (game).
This change won't happen immediately, as I have to request Wikia Staff to make these changes and it could take a few days. But I'll be sending out the request at this time.
I encourage feedback on this, and any other suggestions, please post below.
PS: I will also be reorganising the Nav Bar and Forum, adding more links and boards.
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• 12/24/2015

Which Set of Item Icons should we use?

Ok, I have the set of icons for each item from in-game. The thing is, the original icons have a black background with white outline around each item.
Now comes the question:
Which image set should I go for?

The original icon?
One with the black background removed?
Or the cleanest possible?
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• 12/24/2015

Wiki index

Is there an index or contents page for this wiki? I's quite tricky to see the whole range of pages.
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• 7/22/2015

easy way to win

what out of the three choices is the easiest way to win and why I would like to be able to beat this game atlest once I picked the money and I am stuck at el somthings town were the guy told me were the truck was and it was a trap and now I need to get in to the gated area and talk to someone but I need to be in the there curcle or something plz help me I am willing to start over aslong as you can help my realize what is more easiest to complete this game out of the three choices
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• 6/6/2015

Tell what you want in the wiki!

Hey people! I just wanted to say that if you need/want any topic or info here in the wiki tell here so I can search for it in my game. I will try to add random pages to the wiki but if you want a specific one you knoe the drill. Thanks!
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• 11/4/2014
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• 10/24/2014


So i wanted to know if theres a way to issue a command (bring supplies home) and make them run? instead of walking
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